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1. Why The Royal Network, Inc.?

The Royal Network, Inc. is an amazing company, and the first to have successfully combined Network Marketing and Investment Education. The Royal Network, Inc. is the FIRST professional Multi-Level-Marketing Business to offer Novice up to Masters Level Stock Market Investing Courses. The Royal Network gives Business Associates and Customers the gold standard of education in Stock Market and Investment Education. These courses will build layer upon layer of knowledge, month after month.

2. Why does The Royal Network use network marketing to distribute its products?

Network Marketing is the act of bringing an exciting product directly to the people who want and need it - faster than any other marketing method. It is the amazing story of the average person learning how to trade in the investment arena and being able to have their investment capital grow while they are learning how to do it themselves. It is the accomplishment of an ordinary individual building a unique independent business with little risk, person-to-person selling, that benefits everyone involved.

3. Is The Royal Network prepared for reaching International Growth?

The Royal Network, Inc. has been designed from its inception for expansive growth. We have taken great pains to insure that our infrastructure can handle an unlimited number of Royal Business Associates and Customers from all over the world.

The Royal Network is a world wide business opportunity whose products do not get stuck in customs, while trying to ship them across international Borders. We are an educational provider, and our products are available online in the form of workbooks, videos, webinars, DVD’s, marketing materials and more that can easily be shipped across international borders.

4. What Charity does The Royal Network support?

The Royal Network, Inc. donates to support The Royal Foundation, Inc. a Non-Profit Charitable Organization founded by the owners of The Royal
Network, Inc. The goal for this charitable entity is dual; we want the world to know that we are a charitable company, and that we are dedicated to helping wherever and whenever we can to make the world a better place for those who are in need. The Royal Foundation (Non-Profit) will contribute to organizations, persons, causes and multiple non-profit organizations world wide.

The Independent Business Associates of The Royal Network, Inc. are able to nominate organizations, persons or causes for consideration of financial help. The Business Associates vote and select a validated story to receive generous monetary support. A video feed, or photograph can be viewed on The Royal Foundation Website so the world can see where our charitable contributions are made.

We give back, and create social awareness and advertisement of our global business both at the same time. We believe in giving.

5. How may I contact the Company?

We encourage anyone with a question, comment or concern to contact us at The Royal Network, Inc.’s Corporate Headquarters located in Mullins, SC, about 40 minutes from the beautiful Myrtle Beach Resort Area. The Company address, phone, fax, and email address are as follows: The Royal Network, Inc.; 230 South Main Street, Mullins, SC 29574; Home Office 843. 464.8016, Fax 843. 464.8018;; and website URL-

6. May I visit The Royal Network, Inc. Corporate Office?

Visitors are welcome Monday-Friday between the hours of 9a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.

7. In what markets is The Royal Network open for business?

Our reach is global – The Royal Network, Inc. currently operates in the USA and in various international markets across the globe.

  1. What constitutes a Royal Business Associate?

The Royal Network Independent Business Associate is a natural person or entity that has entered into a Business Associate Agreement with The Royal Network, Inc. The Royal Network Independent Business Associates are able to order products at wholesale prices and resell the products to Preferred Customers for a profit. The Royal Network Independent Business Associates are also able to sign up additional Business Associates and receive commissions from their product purchase under The Royal Network’s remunerative compensation plan.

2. How may I become a Royal Business Associate?

You may become a Royal Business Associate by executing The Royal Network Independent Business Associate Agreement. There are three ways that you may apply: (1) you may mail or fax in a completed application, (2) you may complete an application on the Internet, or (3) you may complete an application over the phone. The last option will require the new Business Associate to send in a signed copy of the printed application within 30 days, which is included in the Independent Business Associate Kit. The Royal Network encourages applicants to enlist the help of their sponsors when signing up.

3. How may I place a product order as a Royal Business Associate?

A Royal Network Independent Business Associate may order The Royal Network’s Products by calling the (1) Order Entry Department, (2) mailing or faxing in an order form, or (3) purchasing through the ‘back office’ on the Internet. Please do not mail cash. The Royal Network will not accept a faxed copy of a money order.

4. May I purchase The Royal Network’s Products and Service without being a Royal Business Associate?

Yes, The Royal Network’s Products and Services may be purchased through an Independent Business Associate by becoming a Royal Preferred Customer. To find out more information on how to purchase from The Royal Network, Inc., please call our Customer Service Line 843. 464.8016.

5. What skills do I need to succeed as a Royal Business Associate?

The most successful Business Associates have a desire to achieve and a positive attitude about the goals they must accomplish to get there. There is no need for a degree or special licensing to build your Royal Business; however, we do encourage all Business Associates to comply with municipality requirements in obtaining a business license if necessary, after all you are an Independent Business Associate. You do own and operate your
own Royal Business as an independent contractor.

6. What is the cost to become an Independent Business Associate with The Royal Network, Inc.?

All Royal Business Associates must purchase The Wall Street Stock Portfolio Course for $495.00 (a $1200.00 value). This inexpensive fee makes it possible for virtually anyone to become a Royal Business Associate or Preferred Customer of The Royal Network, Inc.

7. What is The Royal Network’s policy with respect to collecting and remitting sales tax?

Like other similar companies, The Royal Network collects and remits sales tax based on retail pricing. This is a benefit for our Independent Business Associates since it eliminates the time and worry required for them to collect and remit sales tax on their Royal Network Business. They are therefore freed to focus on nurturing their Business Organization rather than complying with local sales tax requirements.

However, if a Business Associate desires, they can manage this process by: (1) registering with their local sales tax agency, and (2) submitting a sales tax exemption certificate to The Royal Network Customer Service Department. If the Business Associate follows this process, no tax is collected on their orders. For these Business Associates, we strongly recommend that they consult their tax advisor for guidance on complying with state sales tax issues.

8. Why does Royal Network collects sales tax on Internet Orders?

Because The Royal Network is registered with local tax agencies to collect and remit sales tax, we have an obligation to collect sales tax on all orders, regardless of their origin. For Business Associates who are ordering their products online, our policy avoids putting them in the difficult position of managing the tax consequences of the eventual consumption or distribution of that product.

9. What do I get when I sign up and pay the fee for the “Wall Street Stock Portfolio Course”?

When you become a Royal Business Associate, you begin a partnership with
The Royal Network, Inc. Your success is our success, so this partnership is
something in which The Royal Network invests heavily. Along with access
to The Royal Network’s Corporate Sponsored Events and sponsor support,
you will receive Royal Marketing Materials along with the “Wall Street Stock
Portfolio Course” to help you get started. Your replicated website houses
Your personal Back Office for your convenience in tracking your business’
growth and progress.

10. How much money can I make as a Royal Business Associate?

The beauty of The Royal Network’s form of network marketing is that you determine, based on your efforts and the volume of your organization, precisely how much money you will make.

11. What Kind of investment is expected?

All Business Associates and Preferred Customers must purchase the ‘Wall
Street Portfolio Course’, a $1200.00 value for the low cost of $495.00 for
Business Associates and $549.00 for Preferred Customers on monthly auto-
subscribe, beginning at $80.00 per month, $90.00 for Preferred Customers
to continue receiving the ongoing monthly Royal Network Self Paced
Learning System Product. At the beginning of the second year, there is an
annual fee of $39.95 for renewal of your replicated website.

12. What is the Automatic-Subscription Program?

The Royal Network’s Automatic Subscription Program (ASP) is a convenient way to ensure that there is no interruption in receiving your monthly Royal Self Paced Learning System Product. Your lessons are available to you in your back office, making your learning experience a truly gratifying one.

13. How can I make changes to my ASP?

Simply notify us with a signed ASP change request by fax at 843. 464.
8018 or by mail to the Corporate Office. The signed request form must be
received by the 1st of the month in order to be processed for that month.
We cannot guarantee same month processing for any order received after
the 1st.

14. How does the compensation plan work?

The Royal Network’s Compensation Plan compensates Business
Associates for their sales to new Business Associates they sponsor, as
well as for sales to Preferred Customers and purchases of product by their
downline organization. If taken to its full advantage, The Royal Network’s
Compensation Plan rewards Business Associates weekly, monthly and
quarterly. See the compensation plan for more details.

15. How many people may I sponsor?

There is no limit on how many new Royal Business Associates you may

15. What is a Unilevel Compensation Plan and how does it work?

Unilevel Compensation Plans are the most legal and widely accepted
compensation plans globally. Royal Business Associates have the opportunity
to earn monthly residual commissions. See the compensation plan for more

16. What is the Massive Millionaire Bonus Pool?

The Massive Millionaire Bonus Pool offers The Royal Network Business
Associates quarterly bonuses. See the compensation plan for more details.

17. What is the Fast Start Bonus?

The Royal Fast Start Bonus of $200.00 is paid weekly to the Business Associate that sponsors new Business Associates or Preferred Customers. Affiliates are paid at the Affiliate rate of $125.00 for the Fast Start Bonus.
  1. How may I renew my Royal Business Associate, Preferred Customer or Affiliate Status?

You renew by paying the Annual Renewal Fee of $ 39.95 for your Business
Associate, Preferred Customer, or Affiliate Website at the beginning of
the Second year of your relationship with The Royal Network, Inc. You may
go online and pay through your Royal Network Back Office, or by calling
Customer Service, or by sending a check or money order to the Corporate

2. Will the Company bill me automatically?

Yes, the Company will automatically bill Preferred Customers and Business Associates on a monthly basis through the Auto Subscribe Program.

3. If I don’t renew my status as a Business Associate, what will happen?

The Company automatically bills Independent Business Associates and Preferred Customers each month for product and annually for your self replicated business website renewal fee. It is the Business Associate’s and Preferred Customer’s responsibility to inform The Royal Network If they wish to discontinue their Royal Business Associate Agreement. If your payment is not received, the products are discontinued and you will revert to the status of a retail customer.

4. Will the Company notify me when my renewal fee is due?

The Business Associate, Preferred Customer, and Affiliate may be notified by the Company through emails, postcards on when and how to renew.

5. Is there a grace period from the time my fee is due until I get moved to a retail customer?

Yes, there is a 60 day grace period after the renewal fee is due.

6. How will the Company contact me if I change my email address and I forget to notify the Company?

If the Company does not have accurate contact information, the Company will not be responsible for an inability to reach the Business Associate, Preferred Customer, Affiliate or Retail Customer due to incorrect personal information.

7. What is the difference between a Business Associate, Preferred Customer and Affiliate Account?

Business Associates purchase product from us at the “wholesale” price and are also able to purchase sales aids. Business Associates can sponsor new Business Associates, Preferred Customers, build a downline, and earn commissions. Preferred Customers purchase product at the Preferred Customer price and are not able to purchase sales aids, sponsor new Business Associates, Preferred Customers, build a downline or earn commissions. The Affiliate may sell the product at the Retail Rate to Retail Customers and will not earn monthly residual income when sponsoring new Business Associates, or Preferred Customers. The Affiliate does earn the Fast Start Bonus at the Affiliate rate. If the Affiliate converts from an Affiliate to a Business Associate, the sales that have been made will constitute the Affiliate’s downline at that time.

8. If my account is changed to a Retail Customer Account, may I sign up again with a different sponsor/placement?

You may change sponsors after a waiting period of six months from the time that you became a Retail Customer. At this time, all Retail Customers are entitled to the same flexibility in selecting a sponsorship and placement when signing up as a new Business Associate.

9. What happens if my Auto Subscribe Payment returns as insufficient funds from my bank?

You still have the 60 day grace period before your account is converted to a Retail Customer Account.

10. After my account has been changed to that of a Retail Customer, may I just pay my renewal fee and get my status as a Business Associate back?

No, once the account has been changed to a retail customer account, the previous Business Associate Account will be terminated after the 60 day grace period has ended. Retail Customers cannot sign up Business Associates, receive commissions and order wholesale product.
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